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WasteServ is driving Malta towards a circular economy approach. When you work at WasteServ, you are part of this transformative change from a linear to a circular economy; you contribute to the future of our environment and its resources; and you work on innovative new technologies, solutions and practices.  

We invest in our employees’ journeys by encouraging and helping them to grow their careers from within the company. With numerous technical and developmental training sessions, and an employee support programme, we offer our employees the tools to succeed. 

We want our employees to know that their work makes an impact.

We value fresh perspectives and we’re always interested in hearing from highly talented people that want to make an impact. If you want to contribute to the future of our environment and build your career with us, get in touch

Dylan Debono

Motor Fleet

Pursuing your passion as a career is the ultimate dream. Dylan Debono managed to do just that when he joined WasteServ as Fleet Maintenance Mechanical Engineer. An automotive enthusiast and a sim racing driver, Dylan ensures that all the motor fleet is working at its maximum potential whilst ensuring that all departments are getting the best possible service to carry out their daily tasks. Dylan joined WasteServ soon after he got his Bachelors (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering, and he enjoys the challenges this job brings as these add value to his career growth.

Luke Bianco


Luke Bianco graduated with a Bachelors (1st Class Honours) in Computer Science (Systems Engineering). He joined WasteServ as an IT apprentice and is today an IT manager heading the company’s IT department. Luke was given the opportunity to grow professionally and advance his career. As the virtual modes of communication become an essential part of our lives, Luke plays a fundamental role in keeping the IT system up and running, and quickly and efficiently solve any problems as they arise. Exceptionally skilled in his job, his love for what he does is undeniable given that he enjoys spending his free time programming and reading IT journals to keep up to date with the latest tech trends.  

Maria Margerita Belfiore


Maria comes from Colombia’s Golden Gate Barranquilla, from where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering followed by a Postgraduate Degree in Occupational Health and Safety. As a Health and Safety Manager, Maria strives to provide a safe working environment for her colleagues. She takes pride in fostering a strong safety culture in order to mitigate risks and prevent incidents. One thing Maria appreciates working at WasteServ is the opportunity to create a perfect work-life balance owing to the flexible working hours in place. 

Jasmine Farrugia


After Jasmine Farrugia completed her studies in Law, she aspired to find a workplace that has a positive company culture and that provides ongoing development opportunities. As part of WasteServ's diverse team of professionals, Jasmine is involved in several interesting initiatives, and she is currently specialising in environmental law compliance. At WasteServ, we value the new perspectives, ideas, and energy that graduates bring to the company.

Johanna Portelli


Johanna has been with WasteServ since 2012. Having a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Architecture and Civil Engineering, Johanna gets to work on infrastructural projects with the aim of improving waste management in Malta. Her tasks span from managing new waste processing facilities to creating proposals and managing urban greening projects, a new arm within WasteServ. The work is varied giving her the rare opportunity of working on unique projects of national importance whilst contributing towards a better environment. Being a mum of two, her creativity spills over in her free time as she enjoys doing arts and crafts with her children.

Julia Scicluna

ceo's office

For Julia Scicluna, a typical day means working on a variety of things such as project implementation, process improvements and strategy. Working alongside our CEO, her job requires her to be at the top of her game all the time. Graduated with a Masters in European Studies, Julia enjoys solving all the different challenges she encounters every day.

Ryan Cauchi


As a seasoned employee with over six years of experience, Ryan oversees the operations of one of our facilities. The operational challenges associated with running such a massive plant are copious. Ryan’s work is challenging but rewarding as he gets to solve many problems in a short span of time to limit downtime and maximise the plant performance. Every day presents a new challenge. Owing to his job at WasteServ, Ryan has over the years become more environmentally conscious and committed to continue making conscious choices to reduce his impact on the environment.

Branica Xuereb


Branica Xuereb oversees the procurement process at WasteServ. Graduating with a Masters in European Studies, it’s her job together with her team to drive the company’s acquisition operations from the smallest to the big-ticket items. She enjoys working in a dynamic and fast-paced team environment as it enables her to learn new skills every day.

Roberta Briffa

human resources

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in European Studies with Communications, Roberta recently joined WasteServ as a Human Resources Manager. As part of her job, Roberta gets to build positive relationships with her colleagues with the aim of empowering every employee to succeed. As an HR Manager, Roberta gets to wear multiple hats as a friend, problem solver and pathfinder. However, the end goal is one – that of achieving growth and development for all our employees.

Morgan Bonnici

Compliance and Standardisation

Compliance within the waste management sector entails the adherence to a multitude of regulations, the most notable include legislation on waste handling, transportation and management whether that is recovery and/or disposal. Morgan, our Compliance and Management Systems Senior Manager, extrapolates requirements from legislation & conveys them to WasteServ’s team, coordinates and spurs compliance, and implements management systems which have at their core the environment, customers and other stakeholders. Morgan’s team is made up of professionals coming from the following backgrounds: Engineering (Morgan is a Mechanical Engineer), Geography, Environmental Management and Law. All team members work towards achieving the same goal.

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