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WasteServ Malta Ltd. notifies that it is offering for sale various recyclable materials, to be sold ex-works. 

WasteServ will receive offers (excl. VAT) for the sale of these fractions ‘tale quale' without warranty and shall contact prospective buyers to come to an agreement to collect the required materials in an agreed time-frame. All items shall be considered as separate lots. Offers are to be submitted by the completion of the detailed form available for download on the website This procedure is intended to be repeated every month. 

Local bidders interested in taking part in such bids must provide relevant permits from the local Authority (ERA) for the handling of the specific waste streams. Foreign agencies which are interested in purchasing any of the items in the list must provide relevant authorisations from their country's Competent Authorities and from the local Authority (ERA) for the handling of the specific waste streams. In any case, transport of waste must be carried out by a registered waste carrier and export of waste must be done according to the Trans Frontier Shipment of Waste Regulations. 

Before any loadings of positive fractions, full payment by the bidder, in accordance to the quantity being loaded, shall be effected in favour of the Company. Without prejudice to the aforesaid, the Company may, at its sole discretion grant credit arrangements, to be determined by the Company. In case of negative fractions, a credit period of 120 days shall apply. 

Reference: 166
Title: March 2023
Closing Date: 30/03/2023 10:00:00
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