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The Sant’ Antnin Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT) plant consists of a mechanical treatment plant, and a biological plant with anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities. WasteServ has been treating all organic waste at this facility since October 2018.   

This plant processes organic waste and then uses bacteria to produce methane gas, which is used as fuel to produce heat and electricity. The first step in this process is mixing the organic waste with water to convert it into a pulp which is then fed to the digesters within the Anaerobic Digestion Plant. This breaks down the pulp through bio-kinetic processes taking place within the digestors to produce a ‘digestate’.   

One of the most important bio-kinetic process taking place is that of the methane forming bacteria. These bacteria convert the acids produced into methane and carbon dioxide. The methane is then used as fuel in the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) machine to produce heat and electricity. The heat is used to sustain the Anaerobic Digestion process itself while the electricity generated is fed to the national grid. The stabilised digestate is ultimately dewatered and used for landscaping and other projects such as landfill rehabilitation.    

We are currently upgrading our existing organic waste treatment plant in Sant’ Antnin. This upgrade will consist of a 3-stage closed system. It will, therefore, allow for effective control of the process and minimise impacts on air quality by reducing odours. With this investment, WasteServ will be maximising electricity into the grid.    

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