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The annual European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) brings together schools, public administrations, companies, NGOs and citizens from across Europe who are united by the same goal: promoting awareness-raising activities on sustainable resource and waste management.   

Through actions and projects aimed at reducing, reusing and recycling waste, participants get to showcase their initiatives with the aim of raising awareness. Finalists are selected by a panel of independent experts, and the winners are announced during the Malta Waste Reduction Awards, with prizes awarded per category. The winners also get to represent Malta in the European Waste Reduction Awards, which bring together the best participants in the field from all over Europe.   

The next edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction will take place from 20 to 28 November 2021. The chosen theme of this year is ‘Circular Communities’. Prospective participants are asked to come up with actions to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Register your proposals with WasteServ and get a chance to represent Malta in the European Waste Reduction Awards.    

For this year, the EWWR is about communities working together towards a common goal: waste reduction. We believe that collective action will lead to better results. We are thus inviting communities to work together to come up with a tangible action to prevent waste. As schools, you will have the opportunity to carry out your action in collaboration with civil society, NGOs, businesses and other entities of your choice. 

Jump on board for a less-waste world!

Collaboration among individuals or groups of people to imagine and build together communities based on the circular economy approach all around Europe and beyond! 

The thematic focus refers to the need that individual citizens and the wider community are engaged, invested, and see local value and benefit in pursuing zero waste and circular activities.

Solidarity and collaboration is needed among individuals believing in a society that stops producing waste and together act to promote a circular economy and reach sustainable development!

Registrations will open in September 2021. Participation is open to private companies, public entities, associations and NGOs, schools, and individual citizens. We invite all participants to get acquainted with the rules of participation.   

If you are stuck for ideas, we invite you to visit the European Week for Waste Reduction website.   

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