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Unfortunately, in the recycling bags we still find a considerable amount of organic waste, glass, textiles, electronic waste, medical and sanitary waste, and even DIY materials such as wood scraps, tiles and rubble. 

It is for this reason that we have launched the ‘Separate right, make our future bright’ educational campaign. 

We do not want to simply encourage you to separate your waste, but we want to help you to do it right. 

And to do so, we have enlisted the help of our two eco-warriors – General Buzz and Commander Yellow. These two superheroes have taken it upon themselves to protect the environment from all the waste the Garbage Monster is creating. 

Sometimes, unknowingly, we are helping the Garbage Monster become more powerful by either being wasteful or not separating our waste. 

However, we can all be more like General Buzz and Commander Yellow and be more mindful of our actions towards the environment and recognise the important role we all must play for more and better recycling. 

Why is it a problem? 

When the wrong items are put in the recycling bin it causes various problems. 

First of all, it slows down the sorting process as all the items in your recycling bag are manually sorted by our employees. 

Secondly, it can potentially cause serious accidents and injuries to our employees. A small AA battery can result in a fire as it goes through the bag opener machinery, while syringes and other clinical waste can pose a significant hazard to the health of our employees. 

Thirdly, it can potentially damage our machinery. 

Finally, if too many of the wrong items end up in the recycling material stream and they are deemed contaminated, we run into problems when we export that material to be turned into new products. 

Confused about what items go in the recycling bag? 

If you’re confused about how and what you need to separate, we invite you to download our handy Waste Separation Guide

In this guide, you will find information on what goes in each bag as well as information about all the waste disposal services, we offer to households.  

Waste Seperation Guide

Want to follow the adventures of our superheroes General Buzz and Commander Yellow as they fight the Garbage Monster?

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