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Public Authority WasteServ Malta Ltd
Description of the department/directorate/entity’s structure Organisational Chart
Description of the department/directorate/entity’s functions and responsibilities WasteServ is responsible for organising, managing and operating integrated systems for waste management.
General description of the categories of documents the department/directorate/entity holds (including exempt documents) Human Resources
Employment Records and Employee training documentation;  

Health and Safety
Health and safety related documentation;  

Estate and Administration
Company assets register;  

Procurement documentation (local and EU funded), Audited accounts, VAT returns, Management accounts and Creditors’ statements;  

Information Technology
User manuals and IT related documentation;  

Records of all waste movements (in/out) of Company facilities, Reports issued and Consignment notes (deposit copy), Waste transfer notes and Operations records;  

Maintenance records, Purchase order forms, Bids and awards documents related to sale of materials, Recycling certificates, Monitoring data and Inspection Reports;  

Reports required for planning purposes;  

Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Management System Documentation and Environmental Permits;  

Signed documents and agreements, Legal records and documentation pertaining to the FOIA;  

Public Relations
Press releases issued and relevant publicity material;  

Customer Care
Periodical records of all incoming telephone calls and records of queries submitted by the general public.
Description of all manuals and similar types of documents which contain policies, principles, rules or guidelines in accordance with which decisions or recommendations are made in respect of members of the public (including bodies corporate and employees of the public authority in their personal capacity) Whenever the need arises, WasteServ Malta Ltd adheres and refers to the Government’s main guidelines and regulations.
Statement of the information that needs to be available to members of the public who wish to obtain access to official documents from the public authority, which statement shall include particulars of the officer or officers to whom requests for such access should be sent WasteServ Malta Ltd FOI officer may be contacted by e-mail or 23858000. FOI Requests may be submitted by e-mail to, through the FOI Portal via the e-ID or through the online form.
Details of Internal Complaints Procedure An applicant whose request for information is refused, or who is otherwise not satisfied with the information provided, its format or the extension of the deadline for the submission of the notification indicating whether a request would be met or not, may address a complaint to Principal Freedom of Information Officer.

Complaints may be submitted by e-mail to through the FOI portal via the E-ID or through the online form.

The complaint should be addressed to the Public Authority’s FOI Officer, who shall bring the complaint to the attention of the officer responsible .  The officer responsible shall reply to the applicant within 10 working days from the receipt of the complaint. The applicant shall also be informed that he or she may appeal the decision or otherwise address a complaint to the Information and Data Protection Commissioner in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (Cap. 496 of the Laws of Malta).

The officer responsible shall inform the applicant of the decision taken with respect to his or her complaint, and in the event of confirmation of a decision not to release the pertinent information, shall explain the reasons thereof. Whenever the applicant’s complaint is related to the format of the information provided or to an extension of the deadline for the submission of the notification indicating whether a request would be met or not by the Public Authority and the original decision is upheld, the applicant shall be given an explanation as to why his or her complaint cannot be positively addressed. 

In those cases where the request for information can be met, but has not been met within the deadlines specified by the Act, the officer responsible shall waive any applicable fees for the submission of information.
Other Information Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 07:00 – 17:30
Public Authority Contact Details WasteServ Malta Ltd
Tul il-Kosta
NXR 9030, Malta
(+356) 2385 8000
WasteServ Malta Ltd
ECOHIVE Complex, Tul il-Kosta, Naxxar NXR9030

+356 80072200