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Inwettqu Flimkien: Three embellishment projects in Żabbar inaugurated

Inwettqu Flimkien: Three embellishment projects in Żabbar inaugurated

Żabbar residents can now enjoy three green pockets in Triq is-Santwarju, Triq Biċċieni, and Triq Santa Duminka. The aim of these projects is to create a greener environment without hindering the current use of the space. 

Minister for the Environment, Energy, and Enterprise, Miriam Dalli, together with WasteServ CEO Richard Bilocca and Żabbar mayor Jorge Grech, visited these projects. 

In Triq is-Santwarju, an existing parking space was repaved, and an area where residents can spend their free time in a relaxing environment was created. The works consisted of water feature walls, green walls, the planting of mature trees and plants, and benches made from recycled materials. An existing water reservoir was integrated into the project so that it could be used for irrigation purposes. Umbrellas were also installed to offer shade and collect rainwater in special tanks. 

In the other projects, two parking areas in Triq Biċċieni and Triq Santa Duminka were roofed over with green roofs. Although on a small scale, the introduction of green roofs planted with different plant species will be a source of biodiversity, especially for this urban area that lacks greenery.

Minister Miriam Dalli said that these projects are prime examples of how localities can be embellished within urban areas. 

"This project is a clear example of how embellishment works can be done in urban areas that benefit residents and are accessible for everyone," said Minister Dalli. 

WasteServ CEO Richard Bilocca explained how these projects embrace sustainable concepts. "With these projects, we made sure that we not only used sustainable materials but also made sure of rainwater for irrigation purposes while at the same time respecting the existing uses of this area as a space that brings the community together," said Mr Bilocca. 

The three projects were financed through the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF).

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