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Procurement process launched for new Skip Management Facility works

Procurement process launched for new Skip Management Facility works

New facility aims to maximise the value of bulky waste   

Procurement documents have been issued for works to be carried out in preparation for a new skip management facility (SMF) which will be developed between two landfills.   

The facility, operated by WasteServ, forms part of the ECOHIVE Complex and will be situated between the Għallis and Magħtab landfills. As such, WSM will soon start the works on reclaiming the land between these two landfills. These works will include a land build up operation between the landfills through graded and compacted ground material/rock.   

The procurement documents for this work are available here. Interested bidders will also find another procurement procedure for the supply of inert material that is used in the current landfill operation.   

Since both jobs include the supply of large quantities of inert material, these bids are expected to turn a revenue for the WasteServ.   

The SMF will be accepting bulky waste from open-topped skips. Once at the facility, these materials will be separated according to the type of waste and processed separately with the aim of increasing the value of the material for export. These processes are aimed at recovering as much material as possible, effectively reducing waste directed to the landfill. This will continue to improve Malta's recycling rate.   

Currently, waste characterisation exercises of this waste are being done in order to establish the best possible design for the facility. It is estimated that some 47,000 tonnes of mixed bulky waste are delivered in open-topped skips every year.

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