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WasteServ organise a fire drill at Malta North

WasteServ organise a fire drill at Malta North

Today Wasteserv together with the assistance of the Civil Protection Department has successfully organised a fire drill at the Malta-North Mechanical and Biological Treatment Plant. 


A bale of Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF – a highly flammable material) was put on fire and Wasteserv’s emergency response team was tested. 

The fire was promptly detected and it was initially tackled with one of the fixed fire water cannons. In the meantime, other members of the emergency response team rolled out the required fire hoses and continued to apply water to the bale until the fire was extinguished and it had completely cooled down, thus ensuring that the bale would not re-ignite or pose a danger to the surrounding facilities and materials. The drill was completed successfully in under ten minutes. 

This drill was part of Wasteserv’s plan to ensure that employees are readily prepared to deal with any emergency. Such drill will continue over the coming weeks. The execution of regular emergency drills is part of Wasteserv’s commitment to continually improve its quality, environmental, health and safety systems. 

 Fire is an inherent risk in the waste industry, especially because the waste treated in waste management facilities can be unpredictable and depends on how the general public disposes of their domestic waste. These risks increase considerably with the illegal dumping of materials such expired flares and batteries. It is important to recall that such materials can be safely disposed of at civic amenity sites. 

 Wasteserv works closely with its fire engineers and the Civil Protection Department to develop and install both preventive and reactive solutions to minimise its fire risk. This is achieved with the development of fire risk assessments, the maintenance and upgrading of its fire emergency equipment, as well as intensive training to its personnel. These measures have been developed to reduce the potential harm to the health and safety of personnel, including contractors and visitors, to minimise environmental impacts, and to protect the plant and equipment from damage as a result of fire.  

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