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The importance of proper recyclable glass collection

The importance of proper recyclable glass collection

Action is being taken to ensure that glass reaches WasteServ clean, and that it is not contaminated during collection. This is being done to ensure that such glass can be recycled, and to complement the efforts being done by the general public to separate waste.

It is important to clarify that no changes to the current system nor new obligations have been introduced by WasteServ or by the Local Council Association. The only action taken today was that of enforcing standards that have long been in place which are intended to ensure that glass is collected in an uncontaminated manner so that it can be recycled.

The private schemes, GreenPAK and GreenMT, that are obliged to collect glass on behalf of the producers and importers of glass, have - in collaboration with the local councils - launched a number of measures to ensure that this aim is reached.

The Local Councils Association together with WasteServ have observed that the glass collected today was not contaminated as was the case in previous times. However, the amounts that were received at WasteServ were fewer than usual, and contrary to what was expected, an amount of glass - predominantly in cardboard boxes - was left on the streets.

Without prejudice, WasteServ and the Local Council Association will be collecting this remaining glass to ensure that there is no inconvenience to the general public and that glass is recycled. At the same time work with the schemes will be intensified in order to ensure that the service that is expected of them, is delivered.

In the meantime, educational campaigns to continue improving Malta’s environmental performance will continue.

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