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Drastic 42% improvement in the quality of recyclable waste received

Drastic 42% improvement in the quality of recyclable waste received

WasteServ announced the successful implementation of its ‘Separate Right Make Our Future Bright’ educational campaign.   

Back in February 2021, an industrial trial revealed that around 35% of all recyclable waste received at WasteServ facilities was in fact waste that could not be recycled and that should have never been disposed in the recyclables bag. By February 2022, this figure was reduced to around 25% leading WasteServ to launch a brief but intensive educational campaign to further capitalise on the positive momentum.   

The campaign was extremely successful leading to a further drop in a very short time to just under 20%. This means that in a slightly over a year the quality of the recyclables bag improved by 42%. This reduction in the amount of waste that cannot be recycled or ‘rejects’ is equivalent to the weight of over 270 buses.   

This improvement, in addition to the very hard work undertaken by WasteServ’s employees on a daily basis to process recyclable waste should allow WasteServ to even surpass the record-breaking figures obtained in 2021.   

Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli thanked the public and all those involved in the sector for this remarkable achievement. This is proof that the public has recognised that waste is a resource. Minister Dalli said that these figures will continue improving the country’s performance and are a result of the positive way in which we are looking at waste. The Minister urged the general public to continue to increase its efforts in waste separation as this will translate into a better future for our children.   

WasteServ CEO Richard Bilocca whilst welcoming the substantial improvement registered, which is extremely encouraging, warned that much more work is still required by all stakeholders in order for Malta to reach its EU binding targets for the sector, but noted that such an achievement fills the Company with motivation to implement the required changes to complete this transition.   

WasteServ is currently executing the largest ever infrastructural investment in waste management at half a billion euro, but for this investment to come to its full fruition a cultural shift is still required with the Islands focusing on reducing waste and eliminating the current high dependence on landfilling.   

For more information on how to separate waste right can be found here.  

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