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New sorting line to process 10 tonnes of glass per hour

New sorting line to process 10 tonnes of glass per hour

After completing the commissioning period, the new glass sorting line by WasteServ is now in full operation. With the capability to process 52,000 glass bottles an hour, WasteServ’s annual operational capacity is set to increase to 21,000 tonnes, up from 8,000 tonnes. 

The glass sorting line, officially inaugurated by Environment Minister Miriam Dalli and WasteServ CEO Richard Bilocca, is the latest investment in sustainable waste management. The automated glass plant processes larger quantities of glass and produces a higher grade of glass with greater efficiency. With its state-of-the-art technology, the glass sorter can remove certain contaminants that are incorrectly disposed of with glass. This results in higher-quality glass that can then be reused to make new glass packaging.  

"Glass is an invaluable resource, being completely recyclable and capable of being recycled endlessly without any loss in quality. With this €2.5 million investment, we are taking significant strides towards a more sustainable future while working to meet the EU's recycling objectives," stated Minister Dalli. 

CEO Richard Bilocca remarked, “This new glass sorting line will enable WasteServ to significantly enhance the quality of our glass output, further advancing our country towards a circular economy.” 

The advanced facility is equipped to process flat glass, including window panes, thereby broadening the range of glass types that can be diverted from landfills. Utilising the latest automated sorting technology, the system sorts glass by colour, separating clear glass from green and amber variants, thus yielding a higher grade of material. 

Situated at the Sant’Antnin facility, the new plant benefits from part-financing by EU Funds. This investment is part of WasteServ’s broader strategy to downsize its operations at this site, in order to make way for the transformation of 24,000 square metres of land into a public recreational green park.

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