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WasteServ launched a comic book on proper waste separation

WasteServ launched a comic book on proper waste separation

A comic book designed by WasteServ is set to help educate children on waste separation and how students can make a difference in protecting the environment. The comics tell the story of two characters – Commander Yellow and General Buzz – as it follows their transformation into eco-warriors.   

The Let’s Join Forces comic book, together with a themed boardgame, will be distributed to all State, Church, and private schools to children in Year 1 to Year 8 in a bid to teach children about the environment and waste management.   

Presenting the educational material to students at St Dorothy’s School, Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli and Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation Clifton Grima, urged students and educators alike to make good use of the giftpacks. The giftpack also includes other items that show how waste separation can be fun, encouraging them to opt for eco-friendly choices.   

Accompanied by WasteServ CEO Richard Bilocca, the ministers discussed with students their environmental aspirations and the importance of proper waste management.   

“The comics offer meaningful messages about proper waste management whilst being extremely visually engaging. This comic book will also help empower children to make changes in favour of the environment as each story conveys various important messages on proper waste separation. The board game is also highly educational and as they play, children will learn about waste management,” Minister Dalli said.   

 Minister Grima praised this initiative which, through learning in an interesting and interactive way, we continue to instill a sense of responsibility that we all have, to protect the environment. “We must continue to put in place ways to make the education we are giving our children more attractive. Education does not stop at the traditional teaching given in classrooms, but it goes beyond that to nurture responsible citizens”. Minister Grima reminded that this is not the first time that the synergy between these two ministries brought education and the importance of protecting the environment protection together.   

WasteServ CEO Richard Bilocca said that this comic book is being distributed as part of WasteServ’s campaign ‘Separate right, make our future bright’. “This comic book will help children be more conscious of the waste they generate and how it can affect the environment,” he added.   

In addition, WasteServ also has a dedicated website for children. Visit for new comic stories and other fun material that is published on a regular basis. 

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