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Paying GreenPak for non-recyclable material would be misappropriation of public funds

Paying GreenPak for non-recyclable material would be misappropriation of public funds

With reference to the article published today, Sunday 24 October 2021, ‘Payment dispute threatens to impact waste collection’, WasteServ would like to note the following:   

Firstly, the alarmist tonality in relation to the potential non-collection of waste is completely unwarranted. Schemes have legal obligations to collect waste and it is common knowledge that should they default on such obligations there are ample safeguards at law to ensure that the services offered to the public in terms of door-to-door collection are not impacted.   

Secondly, the article offers a distorted view of the facts at hand, this when WasteServ’s position has been made clear a number of times, most recently on 17 September 2021 through a press release.   

GreenPak delivers recyclable material to WasteServ (consisting of paper, cardboard, plastic and metal), and then it is paid for the said recyclables and charged for rejects. Rejects are wastes that cannot be recycled and include a vast range of materials ranging from clothing, bulky items, organic waste and also alarmingly dangerous materials such as clinical waste, dead animals, highly flammable substances/devices and other similar materials.   

Paying for the delivery of such reject material is clearly not an option as the state operator would be subsidising its own failure.   

Every quarter WasteServ conducts a large-scale trial to measure the portion of rejects within the material delivered by GreenPak. It is disappointing to note that although GreenPak’s rate improved from a dismal 33.48% to 27.2% in the first half of the year it has now deteriorated back to 29.9%. Implying that at least 30kg of every 100kg delivered are materials/garbage that cannot be recycled. GreenPak is expecting that it is paid €48 per tonne for the delivery of such unrecyclable and potentially dangerous waste. This is not an option.   

WasteServ is duty bound to administer its funds in a responsible manner and it will not only not accept such requests and will safeguard its position at law in relation to damages it is incurring from such behaviour and also to recover the substantial dues it is owed by the same party.  

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