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Recycling rates almost tripled over the past decade

Recycling rates almost tripled over the past decade

WasteServ announces that recycling has increased to 266 percent of what it was ten years ago, while black bag use has dropped by almost one-third, as Malta registers record numbers in sustainable waste disposal.   

When compared to the 2010-2013 average, Malta is generating 31.5 percent less household black bags.   

In addition, when compared to the same period last year, Malta registered a 12 per cent increase in the collection of organic waste during the first six months of 2024. WasteServ processes organic waste within the ECOHIVE complex, converting it into energy.   

Welcoming the results, Environment Minister Miriam Dalli stated that this positive result is thanks to the efforts of the general public who continue to choose daily to separate their waste at home.   

“Coupling the implementation of policies together with the active participation of the general public is resulting in these positive results. Such deliverables encourage us further to continue implementing the nationwide waste management plan, in favour of sustainable practices,” the Minister said.   

WasteServ is the national agency responsible for organising, managing, and operating integrated waste management systems. CEO Richard Bilocca said that the results achieved year after year are a testament to the work being carried out.   

“Organic waste has risen by 12 per cent over the same period last year alone. This is an important achievement and augurs well for Malta’s environment because Malta used to produce excessive amounts of black bag waste for decades without registering any improvements,” he said.   

“It is clear that the public is a firm believer in the benefits of proper waste management. In spite of population growth, our latest statistics show that 2023 was our best year yet, and the indications are that 2024 could register positive results as well.”   

Waste separation allows the entity to implement sustainable operations. In the past, organic waste dumped in landfills used to generate pungent odours, attract pests, and generate a host of other negative environmental impacts. Today, separation of such waste allows organic material to be harnessed as a renewable energy source powering hundreds of homes with green renewable clean energy.   

These positive outcomes can also be attributed to infrastructural investments, including three new facilities: one at the ECOHIVE Complex and another in Ħal Far, both inaugurated last year and a newly established automated glass sorting line in Marsaskala inaugurated last month. Furthermore, policy changes, such as the new waste collection schedule and mandatory waste separation, which were both implemented last year, as well as the differentiated gate fees for commercial waste, have also significantly contributed to these results.   

“We are also fortunate to have a team of energetic individuals determined to deliver a much better environmental future. The results we are seeing are extremely encouraging though we are determined to do even better to deliver the environmental improvements our young people deserve” concluded Richard Bilocca. 

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