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Government transforming Romeo Romano Garden’s historical building into environment education centre

Government transforming Romeo Romano Garden’s historical building into environment education centre

The historical building at the Romeo Romano Gardens is being given a new lease of life thanks to an agreement reached between the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise and Nature Trust - FEE Malta. 

As the first phase of the garden’s restoration by GreenServ – WasteServ’s subsidiary – is nearing completion, Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli announced that the groundsman’s house will be transformed into an educational centre focusing on the environment. 

The building, being restored through a €1 million investment, will also include a sensory garden intended for children with autism. 

Minister Dalli presided over the signing of an agreement between GreenServ, Parks Malta, the entity that will maintain the restored gardens, and Nature Trust – FEE Malta, the e-NGO running the national Ekoskola programme. 

The agreement will give students a hands-on opportunity to learn about nature protection and sustainability. 

“This building was originally planned to be a kitchen garden restaurant, but after we took note of the public’s concerns, we identified a new use for it, one that brings people closer to nature. The restoration of this garden, which had been neglected for many years, and now its new education centre, are testament to this Government’s determination to continue improving the quality of life of our families,” stated Minister Dalli.

“As the 2023 Budget confirmed,” Miriam Dalli added, “next year we will continue working on the €700 million, seven-year programme to create more new green open spaces in all localities.” 

Richard Bilocca, WasteServ’s CEO, said that the garden’s building, which originally served as the gardener’s residence, will be restored, and adapted for educational activities. The building, known as ‘ir-razzett’, will also feature an exhibition of old agricultural tools, a green roof and a meteorological station. 

Vincent Attard, Executive President of Nature Trust FEE, welcomed the repurposing of the building into a hub for educational programmes. Through this building, the organisation will reach out to the entire community, and not only to children. 

The first phase of the Romeo Romano Gardens rehabilitation will be ready in December. It includes maintenance and restoration works in parts of the garden that had been closed to the public for many years. 

Earlier this year, GreenServ completed another two new green open spaces, Victor Calvagna Garden in Mosta and the Misraħ is-Sebgħa ta’ Ġunju 1919 rooftop garden in Ħamrun. Through Parks Malta and Ambjent Malta, the Environment Ministry also developed or upgraded more gardens in other localities

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