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Improvements in compliance with waste provisions; 25,000 inspections made in 2021

Improvements in compliance with waste provisions; 25,000 inspections made in 2021

In February 2021, WasteServ published new site rules and announced that it had engaged more inspectors in order to double the number of inspections made. This has allowed the company to inspect each and every waste collection truck that uses its facilities. 

Since the beginning of the year more than 25,000 individual inspections have been conducted and infraction data is now being used to further improve compliance and identify trends. Repeat offenders are being singled out and a number of these offenders will now be refused direct access to the facilities and will have to be inspected in a designated inspection area prior to entry. In those cases where irregularities continue to be detected, WasteServ will have no option but to ban such haulers from its facilities. 

Individual meetings with haulers are also being conducted to ensure that everyone is aware of their obligations and of the need to follow proper waste management standards. This is intended to ensure that non-compliance is not the result of lack of information. 

The increased resources are also allowing WasteServ to deepen its monitoring, and this is uncovering other wrongdoings that once eliminated will result in a better environmental performance. 

One of the uncovered irregularities related to bulky waste trips from Local Councils. Several Local Council bulky waste contractors persisted with attempts to landfill such material instead of properly sorting the streams at one of the designated Civic Amenity sites. In some cases, operators are repeat offenders such as the contractor responsible for collections in the locality of Marsa that just this weekend was caught with mixed recyclables and black bag material at the landfill. 

This abuse will not be tolerated and WasteServ is happy to announce that concrete improvements are being registered on the ground on a daily basis. 

Operators, residents and other clients are encouraged to check applicable Waste Management provisions on our website or by calling freephone 8007 2200 or email  

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