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Media stories regarding Wasteserv’s Gozo Operation are confirmed to be unfounded.

Media stories regarding Wasteserv’s Gozo Operation are confirmed to be unfounded.

COVID-19 measures exceed requirements and Wasteserv’s Gozo operation attains crucial Health and Safety ISO standard. news outlets have rehashed several allegations in relation to Wasteserv’s Gozo operations on a number of media ‘reports’ starting on Sunday 6 September 2020. On the same day, WasteServ issued a strong denial.

However, the news outlets persisted with a series of coordinated articles, repeating the allegations, which have now been confirmed as unsubstantiated and false in the causation and timing. Presumably, this was an attempt to tarnish a Government entity that is attaining successful results, especially when it comes to operational efficiency and environmental performance.

In fact, the same Gozo operation that was described by the aforementioned papers and news outlets as disorganised, irresponsible, undisciplined, and even worse abusive of its workers, has obtained the ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System certification on the 7th of September 2020, confirming that Wasteserv prioritises the health and safety of its workers, and that it manages health and safety at the workplace in line with the highest international standards. Even more so, this months-long ISO certification process issued a certificate of excellence with the final audit resulting in zero non-conformities/observations.

A detailed review of all the allegations put forward by Media.Link did not find any evidence of misconduct, falsification of documents, or intentional deception of the public or other entities. The stories featured were based on allegations that were concocted by an individual with a questionable track record at Wasteserv. The journalist putting forward the stories also made no effort whatsoever to verify any of the said allegations, instead he presented them as if they were factual to the general public.

The seriousness of the case is further amplified as the papers disseminated unfounded allegations in relation to waste that according to them was contaminated with COVID-19, and that such waste was being transported with falsified documentation. A review of all the facts confirmed that there is absolutely no truth in these claims. 

Clinical Waste is transported in line with Standard Operating Procedures and accompanied by documentation issued by the hospital authorities, which accompany the waste until disposal.  Such declarations, for which there is a clear audit trail, are never tampered with, and the individual making the claim could not corroborate his allegation when requested to do so.

Moreover, although WasteServ is equipped to handle all forms of contaminated waste, waste from the Xewkija swabbing center is handled directly by a private contractor completely independent from WasteServ.

The protective clothing provided to WasteServ employees is not only adequate but goes beyond that recommended by the health authorities.

Media.Link also alleged that one of WasteServ’s trucks was requested to disembark the Gozo Channel ‘some few days ago’. No such incidents occurred in 2020, and the latest disembarkation (which is a very rare occurrence) dated back to 2019 and this was triggered because the same individual now making the claims, failed to take good care of the company asset as per the required protocol during the trip.

Also, not only is there no evidence of bullying, but numerous documented accounts show that the management did its best to valorise this individual in an attempt to help a challenging worker attain basic productivity and work conduct.

Wasteserv reiterates its commitment to continuously improve its operations and will also take the opportunity to use this review exercise to introduce improvements where and when required. It outlines that its workers wellbeing remains a top priority. Wasteserv thanks its entire team for the great service and dedication shown during the pandemic.

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